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Speed Optimizer Plugin Tutorial

Speed Optimizer Plugin Tutorial

Speed Optimizer is an all-in-one performance-enhancing plugin for WordPress, designed and developed by SiteGround.

This plugin has all the functionalities you’ll ever need to make sure your WordPress site performs at its best, no matter what hosting platform it’s hosted on.

After installing the plugin, go to your WordPress admin panel and click the Speed Optimizer menu item to access its dashboard.

You can examine the status of all optimization categories at a glance and easily navigate to their corresponding settings pages if you want to make any changes. Any crucial WordPress notifications will also appear at the top of this page. Each optimization category on your Dashboard has a number, indicating how many recommended optimizations of the corresponding section are already enabled and how many are waiting for your attention.

Recommended optimizations are features that will make a significant impact on your loading speed, without affecting your website functionality or settings. You can distinguish recommended optimizations by the “Recommended” tag added next to their title in each individual section.

You can find more information about each optimization section of the plugin in our tutorials below:

Important! This tutorial covers Speed Optimizer version 6.0 or higher. There might be discrepancies if you’re using a version, older than 6.0.

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