Expert Care
Expert Care Services Catalog

Expert Care Services Catalog

Expert Care Services Catalog

Below you will find the list of the advanced website maintenance services SiteGround provides as part of our Expert Care Service.

Each listed service can be redeemed against the credits included in our Expert Care plans. Alternatively, you can do a one-time payment for the particular service you need to use. Each credit includes up to 30 minutes of professional work on a single task. In the rare instance where this time is insufficient to solve your request, you may be asked for additional credit(s).

The list of Expert Care Services provided below is subject to change at any time. This includes, but is not limited to, potential alterations in credit cost, scope, and others.

Performance Audit A thorough health check of site performance packed with actionable recommendations for speed improvements. 1 credit
Security Audit A comprehensive security audit identifying vulnerabilities and providing personalized solutions for enhanced security. 1 credit
Database Analysis and Optimization Comprehensive analysis and optimization of database queries to improve database and site performance. 2 credits
Cache Ratio Optimization A detailed review and optimization of your application’s caching setup to enhance cache efficiency and site speed. 1 credit
Inode and Disk Usage Analysis Expert usage analysis focused on reducing file and folder count to optimize space and performance. 1 credit
Clean Up Spam Comments Professional spam comment removal service to clean and organize your WordPress comment sections. 1 credit
Install and Configure a Contact Form Plugin Professional all-in-one WordPress contact form plugin setup including installing, testing, and configuring contact form plugin. 1 credit
Professional Backup Creation Complete site backup service covering all website files and database(s). 1 credit
Professional Backup Restore Professional backup restore service with up to 30 days of file and database recovery options. 1 credit
Theme Installation Expert WordPress theme installation ensuring smooth theme setup and seamless functionality post-installation. 1 credit
Theme Update Comprehensive WordPress theme update including compatibility and other checks ensuring issue-free update. 1 credit
Plugin Installation and Setup Complete WordPress plugin installation, including compatibility and other checks, ensuring issue-free setup. 1 credit
Plugins Updates Complete WordPress plugins update, including compatibility and other checks for issue-free updates. 1 credit
WordPress Application Update Professional WordPress Core update, ensuring a smooth transition with compatibility and post-update checks. 1 credit
Troubleshoot and Fix Theme or Plugin Errors Rapid resolution for WordPress theme and plugin issues addressing different conflicts and errors. 1 credit
Troubleshoot and Fix Image Issues Expert service for quick resolution of image-related issues on your site. 1 credit
Fix Mixed Content Errors Comprehensive analysis and resolution of mixed content errors, ensuring seamless site operation post-fix. 1 credit
CAPTCHA Integration Expert CAPTCHA integration to protect your website from bot attacks. 1 credit
Malware Cleanup Rapid cleanup of compromised sites, including thorough review, malicious code removal, and security enhancement recommendations. 2 credits
Split a Site from a WordPress Multisite Professional Multisite splitting service, enabling independent site management after a split. 1 credit
Clone an Existing Site Expert website cloning, including file and database duplication, and URL reconfiguration. 1 credit
Transfer Emails from Previous Provider Professional email transfer with seamless email account setup and transition of up to 3 email accounts. 1 credit
PHP Compatibility Check In-depth analysis by our experts on how a PHP version change will affect your website functionality. We will check application, themes and plugins compatibility. 2 credits

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