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Can I Use Expert Care Services Without a Subscription?

Can I Use Expert Care Services Without a Subscription?

If you’re not subscribed to an Expert Care plan, you can still use our Expert Care Services by а one-time credit purchase while requesting the service. In this case, no discount on the Expert Care credit price will be available, and the following prices per credit will apply depending on your currency:

Credit Price without discount
49.99 49.99 44.99 74.99

IMPORTANT! The most cost-effective way to acquire an Expert Care Service is by subscribing to one of our Expert Care subscription plans, allowing you to enjoy discounts ranging from 20% to 50% on a credit. You may see plan prices and details here.

  • Step 1. Go to Help Desk >> Expert Care Services category

    You should just request the needed service through the Expert Care service category in your Help Desk.

    Expert Care Services in Contact us section
  • Step 2. Select the one-time payment service

    Once you’ve selected a service, you will be given the option to either purchase an Expert Care plan or make a one-time payment. To purchase a one-time credit, check the box “I prefer to make a one-time payment”.

    How to purchase an Expert Care Service

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