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How to manage your subdomains in Site Tools?

How to manage your subdomains in Site Tools?

A subdomain is a part of the Domain Name System (DNS) hierarchy, used to organize and navigate sections of a website. It appears before the main domain name and domain extension in the URL. Subdomains function as extensions of the main domain, allowing website owners to segregate and manage content efficiently.

How to Create and Manage a New Subdomain in Site Tools – Video Guide

How to add a subdomain?

To create a subdomain go to Site Tools > Domain > Subdomains > Create New Subdomain. Type in the subdomain prefix under the field Name and click Create.

How to add a subdomain

How to delete a subdomain?

Go to Site Tools > Domain > Subdomains and click Delete (delete icon) next to the desired domain name.

How to delete a subdomain

How to enable a Wildcard Subdomain for your domain?

Wildcard subdomains are useful when you wish to redirect all visitors to your website regardless of what subdomain they access your website through. This is also useful when someone mistypes www for example and writes ww.yourdomain.com.

In other words, with wildcard subdomains, it won’t matter whether someone accesses your site through ww.yourdomain.com or wwwwww.yourdomain.com.

Wildcard subdomains are also handy when configuring subdomain multisite applications such as WordPress.

To enable wildcard subdomains *.yourdomain.com, go to your Site Tools > Domain > Subdomains. By default, it is created and you could enable it by turning the slider next to *.yourdomain.com.

How to enable a Wildcard Subdomain for your domain

How to add SSL to my subdomains?

Go to Site Tools > Security > SSL Manager. Select the subdomain from the Select Domain dropdown and choose the desired type of SSL. Click GET.

How to add SSL to my subdomains

How to create a site on a subdomain?

After the subdomain is created, you can install a website installation for it. To create a new site on that subdomain, you have two options.

If you wish to install a WordPress or WordPress+Woocommerce website, go to Site Tools > WordPress > Install and Manage. In Install New WordPress select the type of WordPress. In the Domain drop-down select the subdomain, fill in the rest of the required details and complete the installation.

How to install WordPress on a subdomain

You can also install a website from Site Tools > Devs > App Installer. You can install a WordPress website from here as well, or select a different application like Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, etc.

How to create a site on a subdomain

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