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Affiliate Conversions Report

Affiliate Conversions Report

To use the statistics to your best advantage and get meaningful insights from them, it is vital that you track the performance of your campaigns separately. You can draw that detailed info from the Conversions Report.

Campaign tracking

Monitor the performance of a single campaign

You can analyze how your campaign performed over time. Choose a time frame and under Campaign, select the desired campaign for which you want to see more details. If you have made experimental changes such as including a new paragraph, changed the title or similar, you will be able to easily see how these changes affected performance. 

Compare multiple campaigns

You can easily see how different campaigns compare to each other in terms of performance. Go to your Conversions Reports, choose a time period, select All under Campaign menu, and choose Breakdown By month or week. This will quickly show you which campaign is driving the most traffic and/or sales and how it converts. For example, if you see high traffic from a campaign that underperforms in conversion rate to other campaigns, you can think about how to optimize it and work on increasing its conversion rate.

How to download your reports?

To download the report, go to your Client Area > Affiliate > Reporting > Conversions Report and click on Export. It gives you the option to download it in .csv/.xls/ pdf file or to send it to your email.

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