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Our customers use SiteGround to host a wide variety of projects, but some of our favorites are non-profit websites that use the internet to make the world a better place. That’s why we’re proud to support events like do_actions, annual hackathons held in cities around the world where participants from the WordPress community come together to build websites for local organiзations. On May 25, it’s Caceres’ turn to hold their do_action and we’re pleased to attend and sponsor.

Better websites for non-profits around the world

In Montreal, Canada, Rotterdam, the Netherlands and now, Caceres, Spain, SiteGround offers free hosting to the nonprofits getting website redesigns during the do_action event. Non-profits often don’t have the resources to afford a whole team to run their online properties. Getting a website redesign helps them start off on the right foot and using the fast, secure, and helpful hosting from SiteGround means they’re getting amazing performance and peace of mind so they can focus on the good work they do.

I’ve been a part of the Montreal do_action since it started in 2017 and it’s a fantastic way to spend a Saturday. The organisations are chosen in advance and then members of the WordPress community are invited to sign up. Participants pick one of the project roles: developer, designer, content creator, QA, and project manager when they register. Then, together, we spend the day building and launching an awesome website for our team’s non-profit.

As a content creator, long-time WordPress user, and SiteGround employee, I know the impact a fast, well-designed, and content-rich website can have on the success of any project, whether it’s commercial or charitable. Hackathons like do_action give the chosen organizations a strong online presence that helps them reach their audience, raise money, and maximize their outreach efforts.

Not only are the organizations given a brand new website, but representatives of each organization are given training on how to maintain their website and how to grow their online reach through training and one-on-one consultation with local experts.

SiteGround’s Host a Cause program

Using our technology for good is part of SiteGround values and last year, we took it one step further by launching our Host a Cause program. Every SiteGround employee can choose a non-profit initiative, project, or foundation and help by giving them a free website hosting account for life. It’s our way of encouraging our team to do more for the causes they care about while offering the services we’ve all worked hard to build. Click here to see some of the organizations we host.

Want to get involved in a do_action and make a difference for a deserving non-profit? Find a do_action event near you or learn how to organize one.

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Andrea Zoellner

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May 05, 2021

I want to host a non profit charity website with regional subdomain websites for each region we help and i have recommended your hosting service to the charity founder because of your host a cause program as he wants to spend more money helping people


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