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How can I transfer my website?

How can I transfer my website?

There are two ways you can transfer your website to SiteGround:

  • Request a manual web migration
  • Take advantage of our unique WordPress Migrator plugin available in your Site Tools – you can transfer multiple WordPress sites from any host to SiteGround at no extra cost.

You can order the transfer from your Client Area > Help Menu > Contact Us > Transfer or set up a new site > Transfer Website.

Alternatively, you can migrate your website without any hassle from your Site Tools > WordPress > Migrator.

SiteGround manual website transfers include:

  • Transferring the database(s) of the application;
  • Transferring all of the website files;
  • Configuring the client’s main website to work with the newly transferred files and database(s). This includes adjusting all necessary file paths and databases information.

For new accounts, our SiteGround Migrator option is also available from our Setup wizard.

Note: The website transfer does not include:

  • Transferring the domain name. This is another service which can be ordered from your Client Area > Services > Domains > Transfer.
  • Configuring more than one web application. By default, SiteGround will transfer and reconfigure your main web application found in the webroot. In case you’d like to have a different one reconfigured, you will have to state it explicitly in the website transfer ticket.
  • Outgoing web application transfers from SiteGround to other hosting providers.

WordPress Migrator Plugin transfer option include:

  • Transfer website content, themes, and plugins in a safe and encrypted way;
  • Easy way to transfer all your sites into one account.

Note: The WordPress Migrator Plugin transfer option is not suitable for migrating localhost WordPress sites or for Full Multisite installations (separate Multisite blogs are fine).

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