Detailed WordPress requirements

Detailed WordPress requirements

While WordPress can operate in various environments, optimal performance demands adherence to specific recommendations. Considering the prevalence of third-party plugins and themes, which often introduce additional server-level requirements, here’s a concise guide to ensure your WordPress journey is technically sound.

Minimal WordPress server requirements

PHP 7.4.x or above – https://www.php.net/
MySQL 5.7 or above – http://mysql.org
The mod_rewrite Apache module
HTTPS support

You may find more comprehensive information about this in the official WordPress documentation page.

Recommended Server Environment

The web server is pivotal, interpreting user web requests and delivering appropriate results. WordPress works with numerous web servers. Recommended choices include:

  • Apache HTTPD 2.4
  • nginx 1.24

Others, like LiteSpeed Web Server and OpenLiteSpeed, are also commendable choices, ensuring compatibility with WordPress. Regularly updating your web server is vital for optimal performance.

Recommended PHP Version

PHP, the programming language underlying WordPress, requires meticulous attention. WordPress supports various PHP versions, with PHP 7.4 being the recommended minimum. Ensure PHP compatibility for a smooth WordPress experience. Stay informed about exceptions and beta compatibility with newer PHP versions.

Important PHP Extensions

WordPress relies on specific PHP extensions for efficient functionality. Key extensions include:

  • json
  • mysqli or mysqlnd
  • curl
  • dom
  • exif
  • fileinfo
  • hash
  • igbinary
  • imagick
  • intl
  • mbstring
  • openssl
  • pcre
  • xml
  • zip

These extensions, ensuring optimal WordPress operation, are crucial for handling diverse tasks.

System Packages

System packages, including curl, Ghost Script, ImageMagick, and OpenSSL, play vital roles. They enhance functionalities like PDF thumbnail generation, image manipulation, and secure connections.

Database Essentials

WordPress relies on MySQL-compatible systems for data storage. Official recommendations include MySQL 8.0 LTS and MariaDB 10.11 LTS / 10.6 LTS. Stay updated with end-of-life versions for security and performance benefits.

Wrapping Up

SiteGround servers are fully optimized to meet all WordPress requirements and to provide the best hosting environment for it.

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