Getting Aboard the SiteGround Ship!

SiteGround Team Building on the Beach 2013

Ahoy, mateys! After spending three days with my new co-workers at the beach (hence the sailor speak), I am making my debut on the company blog, to share what it is like to get started at SiteGround. A boatful of new crew members has recently joined the company. More than 15 people, with me being one of them, have been recently hired by SiteGround to enlarge the customer service team and the marketing department. And before you got the wrong idea, our training was not held on the beach and was a little longer than three days. However, it was followed by the annual SG team building, which was a great finish to our initiation.

The training

My induction in all things hosting took the form of 3 weeks of intensive training (read here how a SG training goes) covering all business aspects of the industry, as well as SiteGround’s philosophy & culture. You might think the latter is all mermaid stories, but actually it seems to be one of the most important things that makes SiteGround so different from all the other places I’ve worked at before. It is obvious that one cannot be a good professional unless he has enough knowledge in the field, but in SiteGround they seem to think that to make a great product knowledge is not enough, it takes a character too. The motto of the training was: SG provides cool and technologically advanced services and products, because we are cool and knowledgeable people that enjoy working together.

The team building

Of course culture is hard to feel by sitting in a training room and talking about it. You have to immerse and start soaking it in. And what better way to do that and cap the training experience, than spend three days on the beach getting to know the whole SG team. Two things struck me from that experience – i) how diverse people at SG are – in terms of background, interests, even sports affiliations; and ii) how little that hinders them to come together and form an effective team. One of the most curious parts of the experience was sitting through a bitter sports rivalry with fans of the opposing teams, seeing how they taunt each other, and a little later seeing the same people work together towards a common goal in the team building sports activities.

Coming into a big group of people, who share a lot of history can be daunting at first, but after these 3 days I feel great about being part of SiteGround. In this short time I saw for myself that people at SG are truly cool, now it’s time for me to immerse in the technological side of everything. I’ll make sure to keep you updated on that too!

Check out our Facebook page for more photos from the event!

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Ilia Markov

Digital & Online Marketing Executive until 2015

Amazing hosting services is a new entry into a long list of interests I have - gadgets, social media, marketing, history, wine, soccer, and college football (Go Blue!) are just a few among those. And I love to blog and tweet about all of them!

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Ulei Uzat

Sep 30, 2013

Great team, excellent services. Thank you.


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