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At SiteGround, we take pride in calling web hosting our “craft.” For us, a craftsperson is someone who puts heart and soul in their work, aims for delivering high-quality service, and pays attention to detail in all aspects of the process. But we were curious: is that how other people see it as well? How do we visually communicate the idea of craftsmanship in the highly technological context of the web hosting industry?

To get some insight into these questions, we decided to team up with Dribbble, by far the most popular platform where designers come to seek inspiration and connect with other creative professionals from every part of the world. In a special design challenge – a Playoff, we invited the amazing creative Dribbble community to submit their design interpretations of craft in web hosting.

We received close to 100 interpretations in a little over a week, varying from funny cartoons, modern isometric illustrations to deep visual metaphors of the web space nowadays. We were amazed and inspired to see that in most submissions, craft clearly means creativity, hard work, complexity, broad horizons, and attention to detail. Take a look at some of the artworks below:

BIG thanks to all Dribbblers who took the time and creative energy to join the Playoff, and to the Dribbble team for helping us organize it! You have managed to visually express what we are trying to put into words.

As with every Playoff, there can only be a few winners. The first-prize winner was chosen after internal discussion among the creative souls behind the SiteGround design and branding, while the second-prize winner was selected by the Dribbble jury. The visuals themselves were not the only aspect evaluated. We also took into consideration the originality of the idea and the thoughtful explanation provided by the first-prize winner – Isaac LeFever. He created an original artwork representing molten metal molds as a symbol of the net and the current free exchange of information.

The second-prize winner – Ricardo Aum interprets craft in the web as putting a human touch to solutions that are usually automated and created a composition of several handmade paper figures which stood out. You can see the work of the Playoff winners here.

The first prize winner Isaac LeFever created an original artwork, representing molten metal molds as a symbol of the net and the free exchange of information nowadays.
Ricardo Aum, who won second place in the Playoff, interprets craft in the web as putting a human touch to solutions that are usually automated. He created a real paper sculpture from scratch to illustrate his idea in the best way possible.

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