2015: The Clients' Assessment


The past year 2015 has been a roller-coaster ride for our team. New clients doubled joining faster than we could plan on how to accommodate them. New business opportunities had to be seized and operations set in motion to make them happen. That fast-growth pace has been a source of anxiety whether we would manage to stay focused on the one thing that really matters – the quality of our service and how our clients’ experience would be affected.

That is why one of the things I could hardly wait to see were the results from our annual satisfaction survey – the clients’ verdict! And well, I have to say it – I felt quite proud as it gave meaning to all the things we did during the past year. Here are some of the insights that might be interesting to you as well:

Above 95% of our clients are happy with our service

We have asked our clients to rate our customer service per channel and evaluate both speed and proficiency. On all channels the satisfaction rate is above 95%. We also asked customers to rate their satisfaction with the quality of the hosting service itself based on two parameters:  website security and uptime. The result is more than 95% satisfaction across all of them as well. Given that the majority of our clients have had experience with other hosts (and we know we have some solid competition out there), you most probably know what good hosting service means.

Increased number of clients perceive us as innovative and technologically advanced

Another positive result in 2015 is an increase in the number of clients who value our technical superiority and expertise. Our mission is to constantly develop and improve our hosting so that we provide the best performance for our clients’ sites, which is very tightly related to the technology we have in place. That is why we are always on the hunt for the best new hardware and software out there, invest resources in building new smart tools and work on constantly enhancing the level of support we provide to various CMS’s we host on our servers. We are truly happy that many more of our clients recognise our work as compared to the year 2014 and think we are experts in hosting and supporting the CMS application they use.

More than 60% of our new clients have been referred by existing ones

Last time I was talking about our referral program I was convinced that the referral rates were closer to 30%. Imagine my surprise to see that two thirds of our clients state that they have heard about SiteGround from a friend whose recommendation influenced their choice. To all those of you who have recommended SiteGround during the year – a big Thank You!

The number of WordPress users is growing super fast

WordPress is indeed the fastest growing CMS worldwide. And SiteGround is a top hosting choice for its users. More than half of our new clients in 2015 are WordPress users!

56% of our clients want to increase their skill level in website management

Note taken! We know that the majority of our clients have very diverse skills, in areas that have nothing to do with websites, servers and hosting and managing their websites could be challenging at times. We will make sure you get more webinars, online courses, and tutorials at your disposal to help you build up on your web skills.

New record response rate to the survey – Thank you!

This year the response rate to the survey also beat the record from past years and we highly appreciate your involvement. Thanks to all of you who took the time to answer our questions and provide your feedback on our service. It motivates us to work harder and make 2016 even better!

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Reneta Tsankova

SiteGround COO

If something's cooking in any of the following areas at SiteGround: website user experience, marketing, advertising, public relations, sales, accounting or billing, the chances are that I have been involved. Being the most advanced non-technical person in a highly geeky company is definitely quite an interesting challenge.

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Jan 14, 2016

So, who won the iPad Mini?

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Hristo Pandjarov Siteground Team

Jan 14, 2016

We'll announce the winner shortly!

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Angelina Micheva

Jan 15, 2016

We have already informed the winner - Marie-Pierre Paquot from Belgium, she is the lucky client who has been selected in the draw.

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Lee Hettiger

Jan 14, 2016

Congratulations on your achievements thus far, may the growth that you are experiencing continue.


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